Apple Defends Approval Process


Apple’s vice president for product marketing, Phil Schiller, has given an interview in which he defends the by now widely criticised, often apparantely arbitrary approval process that Apple has in place for developers seeking to get their apps into Apple’s App Store.

According to Businessweek, Schiller’s defence of the approval process for apps intended for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch is that, regardless of the fact that it may well result in an awful lot of issues for developers, but it also performs its intended function very well; apps downloaded from Apple’s App Store are, fundamentally, trustworthy. If that process causes headaches for developers but manages to deliver a solid service to customers, it’s hard to see Schiller getting too upset about it.

Still, it seems that Apple isn’t deaf to the appeals of the developers who provide the content it sells, with Schiller saying that Apple is trying to become a little more flexible while maintaining the same level of trust.

It’s certainly interesting to see Schiller’s take on the App Store, and more interesting still to hear the justification for some of the strange rejections from the App Store… essentially, the questions is whether or not making things easier for developers is worth the potential hassle a mistakenly approved app might cause for customers.

If nothing else, the Businessweek piece certainly makes for some very interesting reading altogether. Schiller manages, as ever, to put a positive spin on the fairly egregious issues with the App Store’s approval process, but it seems that now even he thinks the whole thing needs to loosen a little.


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One Response to “Apple Defends Approval Process”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    IMO, Apple App Store is great the way it is. A free for all wouldn’t help people. You’ll end up with lots of scams and other junk that nobody wants.

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