Microsoft and News Corp in Cahoots?


Anti-Google rumblings from News Corps’ Rupert Murdoch have precipitated the discussions between the news giant and Microsoft about the current search arrangement that could see News Corp de-listed from Google.

Deep in consideration.

According to a Financial Times report, it looks as though what had originally been a half-joking rumour early last week may actually be developing into something a little more real. Apparently, Microsoft has approached some big web-based publishers with an eye towards having them voluntarily de-list their work from Google in an attempt to score some exclusive content for Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing.

It might seem a strange move, but clearly it’s one that Microsoft could stand to benefit from, particularly among hardcore news-junkies, who could well follow top publishers from one search engine to another.

The big question will likely be whether or not Microsoft can offer news publishers quite enough to make them want to de-list themselves from Google, from which they’re clearly seeing plenty of traffic already.

The fact is that, while Bing has been growing steadily since its launch in May, it’s still only managed to garner around 10% of the US domestic search market, and significantly less than that figure worldwide. It’s certainly an interesting plan from Microsoft’s point of view, but it seems as though there’d have to be fair whack of cold hard currency behind any offer involving being de-listed from Google before any publishers took it seriously.

Of course, Google has responded already, saying of news, “Economically it’s not a big part of how we generate revenue.”


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2 Responses to “Microsoft and News Corp in Cahoots?”

  1. Todor Says:

    thats how Google always looks so innocent and MS looks evil and bad … and frankly I prefer Google 🙂

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