Special Offers – Week of November 23rd


Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s had a good weekend and we’re all reasonably well recovered from last week, which was a bit of a nightmare. Anyway, for those of you who don’t read the blog too often, we tend to post our special offers for the week on a Monday afternoon, since it means they’re up for the maximum amount of time.

It gives people a chance to weigh up their options and consider whether or not they’d like to go for something while it’s on special. It’s best for all concerned really 🙂

This week, we’ve got special offers on a portable external drive, a graphics card and a digital photo frame (since nobody buys themselves a digital photo frame, it’s an excellent one to buy as a gift).

WD Passport Studio 320GB:

Western Digital’s Passport remains among the most popular USB-powered portable externals we stock, while it’s bigger brother, the Western Digital Elements, dominates the 1TB external range in a fairly similar fashion.

Click through to see our page for the WD Passport Studio 320GB 🙂

The 320GB Passport Studio is a little different though, in that it boasts Firewire support, which is nothing to be sneezed at. It does mean you’ll be paying a little more for the privilege, but the advantages are fairly plane; Firewire is that bit quicker than USB if you’re doing a big transfer.

While most notebooks (and since it’s a USB-powered external we’ll assume notebook users will be the greater portion of those interested) don’t boast their own Firewire ports, Mac users will likely already be fairly familiar with the standard. Moreover, it supports standard USB 2.0 connections as well, so if you’re an occasional Mac user it’s well worth looking into.

For those Mac users out there considering it, it’s also an ideal home for a Time Machine backup, especially considering the fact that it’s already silver, so it’ll blend in neatly with your existing hardware… which probably isn’t as important when you’re considering a backup as it is to me, but it’s a consideration 😉

All that aside, the WD Passport Studio 320GB is knocked down by 25% this week to €119. Not bad at all.

MSi GeForce GT 240 512MB:

We tend to offer a GPU very other week, though occasionally we’ll run a graphics card two weeks in a row; that’s why we’ve got another this week. This week it’s the MSi GeForce GT 240

Click through to see our page for the MSi GeForce GT 240 🙂

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, I tend not to go into a tremendous amount of detail on cards in the blog because everyone tends to be looking for something different. Still, for those with a bit of an interest, I’ll list some of the salient points.

MSi’s GeForce GT 240 boasts 550MHz processor, 512MB of GDDR5 RAM and touts itself as offering an “impressive overclocking experience.” We can’t really advocate overclocking your GPU, but we know it happens. It’s just one of those things…

Anyway, this week we have the GeForce GT 240 down 12% to just €79, making it a lot more attractive. You can check it out in more detail on its product page, if you’re so inclined.

Samsung SPF-87H Digital Photo Display:

Digital photo frames are something people seem hesitant to buy for themselves. There’s an attitude out there that basically says, “Yeah, I have all my photos already, they’re in my laptop; I can look at them whenever I like.”

Click through to see our page for the Samsung eight inch 1GB photo frame 🙂

It’s because having your photos to look at whenever you like isn’t really the point. A normal photo frame puts a photo somewhere you’ll see it and reminds you of something, someone or sometime, and that’s why they make such solid, simple gifts. It might not be quite the same as giving someone a nice big, framed picture of the family, but there is something enduring about being able to put it on the mantelpiece and see it during your off-hours that’s really pleasant.

This Samsung is nice and big at eight inches, and boasts 1GB of internal memory and an SD slot, just in case you’d like to put in more photos than you can reasonably fit on 1GB.

It’s a gift that can be made nice and personal, make a slideshow and give it to someone (I’ve avoided saying “someone older” the whole way through this, but the granny loves digital photo frames as long as someone else puts the photos on it for her).

Anyway, Samsung’s 8” 1GB digital frame is down 11% this week to €70.


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