Irish Rail Introduces Live Updates


Irish Rail has this week introduced live updates for individual stations available through the main page. The service also includes a “Travel Alerts!!” bar, with various major updates that might be of interest to those travelling.

The whole service seems as though it may well still be in its embryonic stages, but it shows an awful lot of potential for anyone who uses the Irish Rail page to check train timetables or to book tickets online. Moreover, the “Travel Alerts!!” section is just generally quite helpful, at the moment advising that,

“Arklow to Gorey line closed; bus transfers ongoing”

“Bus transfers Carrick on Shannon to Longford due to flooding”

“23rd November 13.15hrs Ennis to Limerick line closed, bus transfers operating”

“16.45hrs 23rd November – Galway to Anthlone line reopens”

The service also advises Irish Rail customers of some ongoing issues the service has been encountering that may continue to effect them, pointing out that “Our central signalling system is subject to ongoing work to report this real-time facility. However, real-time information has weaker coverage in certain areas…” and goes on to provide a list of areas where users can expect the real-time data provided to be a little less accurate.

Of course, all of this is excellent in theory, but for those who were travelling into town on the Maynooth line this morning the real-time train service wasn’t too much help, informing them that the train that was already ten minutes late was running on time. Naturally, those effected were quick to vent their frustrations across Twitter.

If you’re at all curious, you can check out the new real-time service over at


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