Microsoft Planning 2012 Windows 8 Release


Details might well be a little scarce when it coming to Microsoft’s already in-development next operating system, Windows 8, but thanks to an apparent leak it seems as though the OS will be ready for release in 2012.

Word comes from Msftkitchen of the leak, which is essentially a single slide from Microsoft’s own roadmap, headed “Windows Server Release Cadence,” which handily enough lists a “major release” in 2012 of something that is so far simply referred to as “Code name ‘Windows 8.’” While that’s just a codename, it seems fairly obvious what conclusions might be drawn from it.

The real question, on our end at least, is just why we’re set to see Windows 8 so very soon. Obviously, there are often fairly hefty delays when it comes to OS releases, but it seems unlikely that Microsoft would have Windows 8 on a schedule that led to a 2012 release date unless it had some very solid plans indeed.

Given the absence of any other information, it’s tempting to believe that this signifies something of a move away from the current model for Windows releases from Microsoft. Given the fact that Windows Vista managed to flop so egregiously, it’s already been intimated the Microsoft isn’t really in a position where it can afford to absorb the costs of another OS failing to launch successfully.

Instead, we may see Microsoft make something of a move in the same direction as Apple has with the release of Snow Leopard, which is to release a fairly major update as a low-cost OS update. Something that adds a lot of functionality, btut is essentially a refinement of what users are already interacting with. It certainly seems as though something with the codename “Windows 8” could lead in that direction, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see.


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