Microsoft Responds to Xbox Suit


Microsoft has responded to the just-launched class action suit against it for its decision to ban somewhere between 600,000 and a million Xbox Live users for having modified their Xbox 360 consoles to play pirated games, essentially pooh-poohing the whole business.

For those who missed our piece on it yesterday, the class action suit doesn’t necessarily disagree with the banning of users from Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, but takes issue with the manner and timing with which Microsoft executed the bans. The suit, being taken against Microsoft by Abington IP, points out the fact that the ban falls immediately after the launch of Halo: ODST and just before the launch of the now record-breaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Microsoft’s response, via the Financial Post, has basically been to say that it’s well within its rights to ban users as and when it pleases, and that’s a fairly hard argument to take issue with. Naturally, the official word from Microsoft reps has been since the bans came in, and remains, that piracy is illegal and constitutes a violation of the Xbox Live terms of service.

The real question is whether or not Microsoft is legally allowed to hold off on bans, and certainly it could be seen as Microsoft feeling free to allow people to continue using the service until it chose to cut them off, in which case it’s going to be fairly hard to argue for those who’ve violated the terms of service.

It’s not too surprising to see Microsoft unimpressed by the suit, we’d imagine that they’ve got relatively little to worry about unless something massive crops up. You can check out the Financial Post[] for more details.


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