Mozilla Boasts Record Returns


Mozilla might well be in the spotlight at the moment for changes it’s made with the release of Firefox 3.6, but for many the real news will be the fact that the company has managed to see record-breaking success financially over the course of this year.

Mozilla has reported that it’s total revenue for the 2008 financial year tips the scales at the very healthy $78.6 million mark, which isn’t bad at all when you consider the fact that we’re in a recession. Moreover, things are only likely to get better with the recent releases of Firefox, which have dramatically improved the browser’s behaviour and security.

Of course, the vast majority of the money that Firefox makes comes from Google. Earlier in the year I shot a message at some of the major browsers to ask just where the majority of their income came from, and while most weren’t too amenable, the folks at Mozilla and Opera both replied to say something in much the same vein, namely that their money comes from Google.

It might seem a very simple thing indeed, but the fact is that, with browsers available to download for free to just about anyone, there are people who don’t know where the money comes from. A significant portion of Mozilla’s income comes from the Google search bar in the top right, which Google is more than happy to pay for, especially considering the fact that so very large a proportion of the tech-savvy internet is using Firefox.

Perhaps most pleasant of all is that Mozilla’s chair, Mitchell Baker, wrote a blog post on the results, outlining where Mozilla lies at the moment and how things are going. Baker said of competition,

“Competition, while uncomfortable, has benefitted Mozilla, pushing us to work harder. Mozilla and Firefox continue to prosper, and to reflect our core values. We expect those competitive trends to continue, benefiting the entire Web.”

For more details, you’d do well to check out the Mozilla blog post on the company’s financial situation, it’s far more detailed than we could ever hope to be here.


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