Kindle 2 Update Adds PDFs and Better Battery


Amazon is updating its Kindle and adding some pretty impressive bits and pieces, including extending the device’s battery life of its Kindle 2 by up to 85% making the whole thing a lot more attractive, but that’s not all.

Word comes from TheRegister that Amazon has also added native PDF support, which has long been one of the features other ebook readers have claimed over the Kindle. The question now is whether or not these updates will just push those who have been, until now, just considering picking up an ebook reader to go for Amazon’s offering or if we’ll just see existing Kindle customers exceedingly pleased with the latest additions.

Of course, the big issue we’d imagine for Amazon with adding PDF support is that there are an awful lot of full books floating around in the format, meaning that introducing native PDF reading to the Kindle could well result in some pretty easy piracy, for those interested in such things. Given that Amazon’s Kindle store, which allows users to download books directly from Amazon, is a far better source of income than the Kindle itself, the potential for piracy is something Amazon is likely worried about.

For now, there’s relatively little word on whether or not older models of the Kindle are to be updated in a similar fashion, though we’d imagine the 85% boost to battery life is something other models are unlikely to see.

If nothing else, the addition of PDF support is something we’ll see Amazon hype in the run up to Christmas, given the fact that some of its biggest competitors, in the form of Sony’s Reader line, already support the format. For those of us looking at ebook readers, the whole mess just got a little more complicated, with Amazon managing to make the Kindle 2 a little more attractive than it already was.


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