Windows 7 Download Tool Further Delayed


Microsoft’s Windows 7 download tool has been further delayed after the initial revelation last week that it contained an awful lot of code that wasn’t really Microsoft’s to use, violating the GNU General Public License along the way.

For those unfamiliar with the Windows 7 download tool, it may well not seem like too big a deal, but in a world where netbooks are still proving more popular than many were prepared for, many users are finding that, without an optical drive, there are some fairly significant blockages to actually getting a new operating system onto their devices. Unfortunately, it seems they’ll have to wait that bit longer for the Windows 7 download tool to be available.

Word comes from Microsoft’s own Port25 blog from a relatively neat little post that we can expect further delays to the release, saying fairly succinctly that,

“While we worked extremely hard to try and get the code ready for release by today, we still need to test and localise it. Our goal now is to release the tool in all languages on the same day in the next few weeks.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool available once again.”

So, those who’ve already for Windows 7 licenses but no solid way to actually install the operating system are now being informed that they’ll have to wait a pretty nebulous “few weeks,” before the download tool can be made available to them.

While it’s nice to see Microsoft is working on the issue, between allegations of stolen code and delays to a fairly essential service, it’s a little bit of a shambles.


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