Firefox to See GPU Accelleration


Word is coming in that Mozilla’s open source browser, Firefox, could well see support for GPU accelerated web browsing added before Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer, pipping the operating system giant to the post.

Word came last week that Microsoft was starting to show off to developers just what they might expect from Internet Explorer 9, and certainly the news was impressive. The one feature that left the biggest impression on the folks who saw it seemed to be use of the to GPU speed up the browser, something other browsers just aren’t doing. Now though, it looks as though some dedicated Firefoxers is aiming to do the same.

Of course, “aiming to do the same” doesn’t really get across the audacity with which Mozilla enthusiast Chris Blizzard announced the whole thing. Blizzard effectively released word of Direct2D support in Firefox via his Twitter account, saying that it was, “Interesting that we’re doing Direct2D support in Firefox as well – I’ll bet we’ll ship it first. :)”

For now, neither company has released a date at all for just when we can expect to see either of their hardware accelerated browser updates, but when Microsoft showed off Internet Explorer 9 it was very much with a feeling that, “We’ve only been working on this a while, don’t expect to see it any time soon.”

Given how excited those who were shown what Microsoft has done so far with IE9, we’ll be curious to see how the browsing world at large responds to Firefox’s news that it could well be a fair bit further on than Microsoft is when it comes to GPU accelerated browsing. Interesting stuff.


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2 Responses to “Firefox to See GPU Accelleration”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Lol 3d cards doing 2d accelaration why not just give us 3d cover flow websurfing

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