Microsoft Fixes Win7 SD Card Corrpution


Microsoft has released a fix for user who have found that using their SD cards with Microsoft’s latest OS, Windows 7, seems to result in the card being rendered corrupt, with any data stored on it lost in the process.

For those who have encountered the issue, or those who use SD cards with their Windows 7 machine, you’d do well to check out this page from Microsoft, where you can grab the update to fix the issue. Microsoft’s own description of the issue states that it effects only NTFS formatted SD cards, but the rule seems to be that if you’re using SD cards at all you’re better off just grabbing the update. Microsoft also takes the time to explain just why the problem crops up,

“During an ADMA transfer process, the Secury Digital Bus Driver (Sdbus.sys) converts the DMA data structure of the operating system to the ADMA data structure of the SD card. The DMA and the ADMA data structures are also known as the descriptor tables. The descriptor table contains a data length and a buffer address. The data-length field is 16-bit, and has a maximum size of 64K. However, during the data conversion process, the Sdbus.sys driver does not check the buffer size in the descriptor table of the system. Therefore, the Sdbus.sys driver may set an incorrect data length in the SD descriptor table.”

Not much more to be said about it than that, really. Indeed, it’s strange to see that this hasn’t received a little more coverage, given the number of people we’ve heard having issues with SD cards under Windows 7. Still, good to know there’s a fix out there, for those who’re willing to go out and grab it.


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