Cheer up Everyone, It’s the Weekend


Good afternoon all, hopefully everyone’s been having a good day today. At least the weather is looking clearer for the weekend; I’m a lot happier when it’s a little cold than when it’s lashing rain for days on end 😉

Anyway, for those who are new to the blog, every Friday afternoon we like to post one last blog for the end of the week, just to see if we can get a smile and a bit of good cheer out of people in the last hour or two of the working week. It’s not really anything news/tech related, it’s just something we do for a bit of fun.

Upcoming national hero!

Above is a photo of a lad called James Whelton, who is fast becoming one of my favourite of our Twitter followers. I’m not sure about the whole story behind this, but I like to think he’s a studious young Cork man who decided he’d don wetsuit and get the bus to school, floods or no floods.

You can follow him on Twitter with @jwhelton or check out his website here.

Most people have had a job they wish they'd quit like this...

Someone emailed me this earlier in the week, and I just couldn’t help but post it, because let’s face it… that’s how we’d all love to have quit at least one job we’ve had 😉

Secret Project:

Now that all that’s out of the way, only the most faithful of our readership will be left… I can tell you guys about a secret project that Shelton and I have been putting together.

What's that? You have a call? But your phone is under water? We have you covered!

A while back, I devised a rig whereby I could use my phone underwater, based on a story that our intrepid business to business manager, Raf, described once. Later, acting under the influence of a fit of boredom and a total lack of supervision, I built that rig using mostly a zip-lock bag and my phone.

I dropped my phone into a glass of water, and it responded well to the treatment. I rang it, and put myself on speaker. The sound was a little modulated (though whether due to water or glass I’ll never know) but totally understandable.

This has led to myself and Shelton deciding that we’re going to try, over the course of Christmas or very shortly afterwards… to construct an entirely waterproof iPod.

We understand we’re very likely to damage:

A) an iPod
B) our reputations
C) headphones
D) ourselves
E) all of the above

But damned if we’re not going to do it anyway. If anyone has any suggestions (ideally in diagram form, or perhaps with a diagram attached) then you should shoot us a comment and we’ll consider anything.

As Shelton put it when he sent me the initial message about the build, he’s likely going to test it in an outdoor pool, so, “While I can’t say I enjoy the prospect of my blood turning to ice in my veins, or my man-bits retreating so hard searching for warmth that they disappear entirely, I feel it’s a small risk to make in the face of progress.”

Ladies and gentlemen, he’s a modern-day MacGyver.


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