YouTube to Stream Alicia Keys Live


YouTube has announced that it plans to stream an Alicia Keys concert live on December the first from 8pm eastern US time, in an attempt to drum up support and awareness of World AIDS Day.

The streaming live event follows U2’s live stream of its recent concert to YouTube, which managed to garner itself over ten million viewers worldwide. While it seems unlikely that the Alicia Keys gig will generate quite the same amount of traffic, the fact that it’s all in the name of a good cause should at least give it a bit of a boost.

The stream will be accessible from Alicia Keys’ official YouTube channel, and in keeping with the fact that it’s all in aid of a charity, viewers will be encouraged to make a donation to the star’s charity of choice, namely Keep a Child Alive. The official YouTube Blog post on the subject also has a video of Keys herself, to talk about the gig and just what she hopes to achieve with the live streaming idea.

I’ve tried to use some HTML wizardry to embed it here:

While we’ll be curious to see just how much they manage to raise for charity, it seems as though the really big bonus of the whole event will be managing to push awareness for World AIDS Day, which is a noble cause in itself. It’s nice to see YouTube being put to good use 🙂


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