Bing Posts Top Searches of 2009


Microsoft’s rebranded version of its older MSN Live Search search engine, now known as Bing, might well come under a lot of fire for generally just not being Google, but it certainly manages to drum up interest well, this week posting the most popular search terms of 2009.

It might not seem like a huge deal, but certainly the folks at Bing seem quite happy to talk about the searches that defined the engine’s use over the course of this year. Naturally, the results do seem to focus very much on the dead celebrity names, but those popular terms that aren’t celebrity related do highlight what people are using search engines for when they’re not trying to keep up with breaking news.

Without further ado, Bing’s top ten search terms this year were,

1. Michael Jackson
2. Twitter
3. Swine Flu
4. Stock Market
5. Farrah Fawcett
6. Patrick Swayze
7. Cash for Clunkers
8. Jon and Kate Gosselin
9. Billy Mays
10. Jaycee Dugard

Perhaps as interesting as anything in the results themselves is the fact that Microsoft’s own search engine’s blog is calling the top search terms “Top Bing Trending Topics,” which seems quite close to Twitter’s trending ideas.

It’s also curious to see Twitter itself so close to the number one spot in the top ten. If nothing else it means that the service has managed to gain some degree of penetration with the general searching public, which is never a bad thing for a new service.

If anyone is curious to check out the Bing blog post on the top ten search terms this year, you can check out this link.


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2 Responses to “Bing Posts Top Searches of 2009”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    I can’t take those results seriously… where’s the ‘Nude’ entry???

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