Sony Debuts Short Range Wireless


Sony is showing off some new short range wireless technology it calls TransferJet, which supports reasonably high-speed, short range wireless data transfer, ideal for portable devices.

According to Engadget, the whole idea with TransferJet seems to be that it offers an alternative to USB-style connections for data transfer to mobile devices. It might seem relatively simple, but with a theoretical maximum speed of 560Mbps at a range of 3cm there’s no real reason to need something like USB for mobile devices once hardware like TransferJet achieves some solid penetration.

Of course, it’s excellent to see that there’s also some fairly widespread support for Sony’s new attempt to make short-range wireless technology widespread. Brands that we’re interested to see supporting TransferJet include Canon, Nikon, Samsung, Casio, Kodak and Olympus. Admittedly, they’re mostly camera manufacturers for now, but the fact that there are some phone companies in there is fairly interesting.

If only for simple things like transferring contact information and photos, it’s certainly an interesting concept, and in tandem with things like induction-based wireless charging for mobile devices it certainly does make for a very interesting bit of near-future wireless charging and fast data-transfer when it comes to mobile devices.

For now we’re left a little wanting when it comes to details of devices we can expect to see it in, but if you’re at all interested to see what Sony expects to see its short range wireless used for then you’d do well to check out the video over at Engadget, where it shows some genuinely impressive and very simple shots of the devices at work.


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