Asus Debuts Multi-Touch Netbook


Asus has been showing off the latest version of its EEE netbook range, the EEE PC T91MT, whose screen pivots and boasts full support for Windows 7’s multi-touch input setup.

If nothing else, the crossover between netbooks and tablets has probably been a long time coming; certainly there are users for whom a device like this is very much what the doctor ordered. It’s also pleasant to see that the addition of multi-touch hasn’t meant the device has become bloated; it’s just over an inch thick and weighs in at just under the 1KG mark, meaning it’s lighter than the older EEE 1000HA.

As the page for the new multi-touch netbook itself boasts, “The EEE PC T91MT’s multi-touch functionality makes interacting with the computer so intuitive and effortless, it encourages users to get creative. With its support for Windows 7 Multi-Touch gestures, virtually every task can be performed with a tap, drag, pinch or flick.”

If nothing else, it’s certainly an interesting piece of equipment, and the fact that it boasts a 32GB SSD only makes it more attractive, in terms of both durability and boot times. Windows 7 seems very much to be the version of Windows best suited to booting from an SSD, which makes the whole arrangement very elegant indeed.

We’ll be curious to see how other netbook manufacturers respond. Asus tends to be a little ahead of the curve when it comes to netbook offerings, if only because it’s been in the game longer than most other companies have been making the ultra-portable machines. Still, a bit of competition in this space could mean we start to see some really elegant multi-touch capable, Windows 7 based netbooks over the coming months.

If you’re at all interested you can check out Asus’ own page for the device, which goes into a lot more detail on the hardware and functionality it offers.


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