Microsoft Shifting Focus to Windows 8 in July


Microsoft’s Windows 7 may only have been released a month and a handful of days ago, but it seems as though the company is very much gearing itself up for Windows 8 already.

According to a job posting from Microsoft that various news agencies have managed to sit down and read over in depth, it seems that Microsoft intends to shift its primary focus from Windows 7 to Windows 8 with the beginning of the financial year 2011, which works out to July of 2011 in old money. If nothing else, it’s certainly curious. Windows 8 is mentioned in this paragraph specifically,

“Job Purpose/Overview: Do you want to help ready the entire partner ecosystem on all the new Microsoft products and solutions? The Partner Skills Development Team is looking for a senior thought leader and skilled project/product manager to ensure the health of the partner ecosystem through the strategic evolution skills development framework (and its execution) for upcoming Microsoft product launches. For example, in Fy10, the focus will be on Windows Server R2, SQL Server R2, and Wave 14 (Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, and Exchange 2010) and, as we head into Fy11, the focus will quickly switch to Windows 8. In this role you will lead the execution of partner skills development BOMs – by partner type for the entire partner ecosystem – on a WW basis. This role with interact with and influence individuals from across Microsoft, including individuals within the Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft Learning, SMSGR, the product groups (BGs), Operations, and partner segment teams with SMSG.”

What’s particularly curious is that nobody seems to have commented on the fact that this is very much in line with Windows 8 being an incremental update to Windows 7, very much in line with Apple’s recent release of the Snow Leopard update to its Leopard version of Mac OS X.

If we do see that kind of a release, it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft fans respond, given that many had ridiculed the idea of Apple users paying for what was essentially a fairly big service pack, more so than a new OS.


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One Response to “Microsoft Shifting Focus to Windows 8 in July”

  1. nutterguy Says:

    So wait, you know next to nothing about windows 8 not even the release date (same as everyone else outside MS) and your already speculating that it will just be a snow leopard like paid update?
    Windows releases come every 4 years (bar Vista) so this is totally on track for putting Windows 8 out sometime in 2012.

    Also windows users don’t pay for service packs, but when you spend as much on marketing as apple does I guess you need to make your money back somehow.

    Once again, no link to source… this from engadget or gizmodo by chance?

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