Wii Production Slows


Production has begun to slow down on Nintendo’s by now practically ubiquitous Wii console. While some have been taking this as an indication that the gaming giant is losing faith in its motion-sensitive console, there’s a lot more to the news than there might first seem.

It’s interesting that this comes so close to Christmas, but it could simply be the case that production had been ramped up gradually in an attempt to meet the increased demand that Nintendo should by now be more than prepared for at Christmas, in which case production slowing down now could be an indication that it feels comfortable about satisfying demand.

Of course, the more outlandish speculation going around is that the reason Nintendo has slowed production of the Wii is because it intends to push out a new version of the console. While rumours of a high-definition capable version of Nintendo’s home console have been flying for months, Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said of the possibility that it was something that only die-hard rumourmongers cared about, and that Nintendo had no such plans.

Of course, that statement should perhaps be taken with a pinch of salt, given that month before the launch of Nintendo’s slimmed down version of its dual screened DS, the DS Lite, Nintendo was fairly swift to point out to anyone who asked that it was certainly not developing any new hardware in the DS line…

So, with MarketWatch reporting that parts manufacturers for Nintendo’s Wii being hit hard by the decline in orders, it seems that there could well be a silver lining on the horizon for anyone holding out for any possible future iterations of the Wii. Certainly, if Nintendo intended to refresh its Wii hardware, now would be the time, with sales flagging over the last six months or so. The situation has only worsened with price drops to both Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 making the Wii look like a far less attractive prospect than once it had.

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One Response to “Wii Production Slows”

  1. Kevin Says:

    I think production had to slow in the wake of news that they’ve been over-taken by PS3 this Christmas (so far). No need to produce so many consoles. A new model might be due but it won’t be until after TGS next August. It’d be suicide to release early next year when the markets are unstable.

    But yeah, I’m going with the rumours – it’ll be a Wii HD console. Same principle, better output. They’re not going to target hardcore gamers with Gears of War Wii graphical output.

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