Yahoo to Increase Facebook Integration


Yahoo is to push further into Facebook integration than it already has in the first half of 2010. It’s announced that it is to start “deeply” integrating Facebook Connect with its own services, including Mail and News.

Earlier this year, Yahoo told us all that it wasn’t a search company, which raised all kinds of questions about how it had managed to gain such a substantial block of the search market. It then rebranded itself as a kind of ultimate homepage, boasting news, mail and support for users to post Facebook status updates without having to leave Yahoo’s own page, which means more people spending more time on Yahoo… something it clearly wanted.

Now though, it seems that Yahoo has decided that it’s so pleased with the results of its Facebook integration that it wants to go that bit further in 2010, adding more Facebook functionality to Yahoo services. As well you might have guessed, some portion of this functionality will be the ability to share Yahoo’s content (or at the very least, links to Yahoo’s content) across Facebook.

Yahoo’s blog post on the topic is fairly unrevealing about just what else we can expect to see Yahoo doing with Facebook integration, saying only that,

“As the place where over 500 million people visit every month, Yahoo!’s goal is to bring together social experiences from across the web, and provide one place for people to access information and stay in touch with the people they care about the most.”

If we apply a little bit of a callous-filter to that, what they’re hoping to manage here seems to be that people spend more time on Yahoo’s own pages, and less time moving around the web at large. Seems fairly straightforward, but then, that’s not really how blog posts from massive corporate entities work, I’d imagine.


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