Core i9 Processor on Ebay


Intel’s upcoming Gulftown processor, which most of us expect will become the Core i9 by the time it eventually goes on sale has showed up on Ebay, with the still in-development and testing CPU selling for the ripe price of $1,200.

While the current range of Core i5 and Core i7 processors top out at quad-core, the Gulftown/Core i9 boasts fully six cores, and some of the data leaking out from Intel’s tests show it to be a very interesting beast indeed. If nothing else it’s curious to see that there’s a Gulftown processor already working and released into the wild, regardless of just how much illegality it took to get there.

We’re curious to see how Intel chooses to follow the whole business up, especially with TomsHardware reporting that the intrepid Ebay seller didn’t think to blur or even cover the various different serials that could be used to fairly easily identify the processor from the photo posted alongside the Ebay listing for it.

Perhaps not the wisest move, but with a Core i9 processor in the wild we’d expect we’re likely to see an awful lot more data about Intel’s upcoming processor line in terms of the kind of performance we can expect it to push. Certainly, Intel has been relatively tight-lipped until now, but we’d imagine that having a chip out in the wide world might well precipitate Intel pushing out a lot more information in an attempt to minimise the gains of whoever picked up the chip.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out, but we’d imagine Intel will be having some fairly serious words with its Taiwanese developers/testers about just where their latest project has gone. If you’d like to read about the story in more detail then you can check out the piece from TomsHardware.

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