Google Tight-Lipped on G-Phone


Google has remained tight-lipped on the possibility that it intends to launch its own Android-based mobile phone independent of any cellular carriers, though it seems as though the company has stopped denying that it is.

Hopefully it won't look quite this embarrassing...

The folks from the Register had a chance to sit down with Google’s Craig Walker who, as Google’s product manager for Google Voice, would perhaps be the one person best placed to know as much as possible about whether or not Google was working on a phone of its own. Where Google’s responses in the past have always been fairly straightforward denials that it’s working on a phone, Walker seems to take the question slightly differently, saying,

“You want me to answer a question about a rumour?”

The Register’s report on the interview notes that the above was said with a grin, and of course those who’ve been arguing that Google is building its own phone have jumped to point out that Google is no longer denying the idea that it might be building its own phone. Perhaps more interesting though, is the news from the same report that Google’s headquarters has been playing host to 150 HTC staff.

HTC being the company behind the G1 (the first Android based device) and the popular-in-Ireland-but-less-so-in-other-regions Hero certainly makes it a bit of a shoo-in for the company Google might ask to build its hardware, but for now it’s all speculation.

Still, the report in the Register makes for some very interesting reading for anyone at all interested in Google’s supposed mobile phone project.


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