Mac to See Chrome Sooner than Expected


Word is leaking out that Google’s web browser, Chrome, is getting closer and closer to a genuine beta release for Mac users, who until now have had the choice between the fairly unstable developer builds of Chromium and… well, nothing.

According to the guys over at TechCrunch, Google’s own page for Chromium has been updated fairy substantially, moving neatly from a “Detailed Status” page for the Chromium Mac side to a full fledged “Mac OS X Roadmap,” which is hard to argue with. Moreover, it seems that those bugs that had been holding up the beta version of Chrome for Mac users have now been ironed, out leaving the way clear for a proper release of the browser.

The mad push to get a Google Chrome build out for Mac OS X follows a generally negative sentiment from Google’s own Eric Schmidt when he essentially said in an interview that Google was remiss for not having released a stable Mac build of Chrome yet… something that many Mac users were fairly quick to agree with.

Perhaps the neatest thing about the official “Mac OS X Roadmap” page is that it opens with the lines,

“Now that we have an initial beta release under our belts, our goal is to fillin the missing features and release on a regular schedule. WinChrome’s track record demonstrates our desire to release early and often (4 major releases in about a year), so expect frequent releases that add needed functionality and improve the user experience. The majority of the tracking for this milestone will be in the bug system, and as soon as we determine what it entails, we’ll link the appropriate keyword queries here.”

The article then goes on to list the fair number of features that Windows users of Chrome are already using that Mac users won’t be seeing in the beta, but given that the post seems to indicate that a beta release has already happened we’d imagine were just waiting for official word of a Chrome for Mac OS X beta launch before users can go out and grab it for themselves.


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2 Responses to “Mac to See Chrome Sooner than Expected”

  1. Jonathan Cremin Says:

    There’s been a Mac Chrome dev channel build for a while, it’s still noticeably lacking the bookmark manager and task manager that the windows and linux builds have.

    • komplettie Says:

      The Chromium builds for Mac are fine, for the most part, but keeping them updated is a bit of a headache, and they do from time to time give massive headaches. I had a build for a few days that seemed incapable of opening Facebook :/

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