Orang-utan Updates Own Facebook


The Vienna Zoo has given one of its primates, a thirty-three-year-old orang-utan named Nonja, a camera so that she can update photos directly to a Facebook page dedicated to him.

Ironically, she didn't take her own profile shot...

Facebook users can join the growing legion of fans that Nonja has acquired, meaning that photos the great ape takes will automatically appear in your general stream, and they do tend to be quite charming. Of course, apart from humans, primates aren’t too well disposed to photography, so Nonja’s relatively unique camera is a fairly integral part of the whole process.

The camera’s hardware itself will be recognisable to anyone familiar with the Samsung ST 1000, which boasts the ability to automatically update to Facebook as a user takes photos, though this particular mode has been modified a little for great ape use.

Since orang-utans aren’t famed for their ability to take photos, and appreciate the whole composition and lighting business, the camera has instead been modified so that whenever Nonja takes a photo, she finds herself rewarded with a raisin, and how many of the primates in our readerbase could resist such a healthy reward system? This has the upshot of making sure that Nonja takes pictures fairly regularly, which is another bonus, given the fact that the pictures do tend to be quite cute.

If nothing else, this is certainly one of the most interesting uses we’ve seen Facebook put to, whether its just a publicity stunt or not. Anyone who wants to become a fan of Nonja’s Facebook page can do so by clicking through to it from here.

It’s surprising how often she manages to capture her own face too 🙂

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