Analysts Predict 2010 to be Year of Apps


Industry analysts have predicted that we’ll likely see a tripling of the total number of apps made available in the iPhone and iPod Touch App Store, despite Apple’s often-arbitrary approval process for portable apps.

The analysts at IDC have released a list of predictions for the calendar year 2010 that range from the entirely predictable to the acutely interesting. The news that the folks at IDC are predicting we’ll see an Apple Tablet in one form or another is a little less interesting than the predicted explosion in the app department. Of course, the whole business is entirely dependent on Apple being one thing that it simply hasn’t been when its come to the App Store until now…

The one thing that seems universally true (with the possible exception of times when people reached out and asked Steve Jobs or Phil Schiller to involve themselves personally) is that the App Store approval process is slow; Apple seems to leaf through its potential sales at a pace best described as glacial, and that’s something that could seriously start hindering app development, if the predictions from IDC are anything to go by.

With 100,000 apps already available from Apple’s App Store, already open for fully a year and a half, it means that Apple will have to step up its approval process, pushing out something approaching 600 apps a day, five days a week, to meet the numbers that the IDC report indicates we’ll see, which seems a lofty goal.

We’ll be curious to see if Apple’s approval process itself becomes the biggest bottleneck in the whole app development process (though many would intimate that it already is). If nothing else, it’s worth taking a look at the IDC article for its predictions on what we can expect to see from 2010 technologywise. We warn you though, you’ll have to download it as a PDF.


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