Crunchpad To Debut Today


One time TechCrunch tablet design partner, Fusion Garage, has announced that it will be showing off the device that was once to bear the moniker “CrunchPad” for the first time without the assistance of the folks from TechCrunch.

Word comes from TomsHardware that Fusion Garage is to debut the now nameless tablet later today, after word emerged last week that Fusion Garage would effectively be dumping TechCrunch as soon as the development process for the tablet device was finished, with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington making a long and detailed posting to the site to say that the CrunchPad was “dead” and outlining that it had been killed by “greed and jealousy.

Arrington went on to outline a series of emails forwarded to him by Fusion Garage CEO Chandra Rathakrishnan whose general thrust was that Fusion Garage’s shareholders felt that the TechCrunch name/brand wouldn’t be doing it any favours when it came to shifting hardware, and that the publication should be cut from the project sometime before the hardware was launched. Of course, there was still space for Michael Arrington in that model, but not in the capacity he’d expected.

Instead, the shareholders suggested that Arrington might stay attached to the project if he wanted to stay on in a role similar to Steve Jobs, as a kind of “visionary” to be trotted out when the product was being discussed, though with limited involvement in further development.

The news that the tablet is to be debuted later today is interesting, if only because we’re promised that it’ll come with a bit of an explanation from Chandra Rathakrishnan himself on just what really happened (on his side) that resulted in Arrington and the TechCrunch crowd being ditched before the launch and, perhaps most importantly, just how Fusion Garage can get away with it…

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