HTC to Delay Android 2.0 Release


It seems that HTC is having some issues getting its first Android 2.0 smartphone out in time for Christmas, as had been the plan for a long time, with sources saying that the company will be delaying the phone into 2010.

Word comes from Digitimes that HTC’s Android 2.0 based smartphone, the Passion, will most likely be delayed into next year while the company works to optimise the display and processor. Display issues with apps in the Android Market using Motorola’s Android 2.0 offering, the Droid, could well have precipitated HTC spending a little extra time on the device to ensure that it’s as usable as possible.

In the same report, Digitimes speculates that rumours of an upcoming HTC device with a full QWERTY keyboard, in the same fashion as the Motorola Droid and the older, also HTC produced, first Android phone, the G1. The rumour is that this device will be the HTC Espresso, an apparent successor to the Hero, recently enough released in Ireland by Meteor, though it sounds to us like something of a different animal altogether.

Of course, the news that HTC is to delay its first Android 2.0 hardware release will likely be of less interest to Irish customers than just when we can expect to see Android 2.0 itself released in a flavour that the Hero will be happy to play with (which is to say, supporting Sense UI).

Still, it’s interesting to see the demand for Android devices rising – it seems that Apple’s iPhone’s dominance might well be eroded, if only slowly, by the constant barrage of Android releases. Serious stuff.


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