iPod Touch Paves Way for iPhone


The iPhone and its vastly popular App Store might garner an awful lot more attention, but it seems that Apple’s success in the cellular market is matched neatly by the iPod Touch.

According to Flurry, the Apple’s success in the smartphone sector is matched by its iPod Touch, which is in many ways just an iPhone that happens not to deal with the whole telephony business. Still, the Touch is seen as a strong ambassador to those who might not consider picking up an iPhone, but need a media player, getting an iPhone OS-based device into users hands for less money, and often converting that user along the way.

It’s a very interesting piece, and one that bears a little thought. Clearly, the iPod Touch manages to span generations a little more easily than the iPhone, carrier restricted and bill-pay as the iPhone is. The Touch also boasts, as Steve Jobs seems only too happy to tout, cheaper access to Apple’s App Store, which has long been considered one of the iPhone’s biggest advantages over some of its smartphone rivals.

Moreover, it seems that iPod Touch users seem generally to be a little younger, which means they’re more than happy to share their various likes and dislikes across a manifold cluster of social networking sites… and if they’re doing so from an iPod, they’re happy enough to point out that they’re managing to do it from their iPod, which serves only to drive up the demand for the device.

If nothing else, it’s a really interesting piece, though we must say we’d be curious to see the conversion rate from iPod Touch to iPhone, if such figures exist anywhere.

Regardless, you can check out the Flurry piece on the iPod Touch and how it impacts the smartphone world if you’d like more details (and there’s an awful lot to read there). It’s also packed with graphs… we love graphs.

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