Special Offers – Week of December 7th


Good afternoon all, hopefully the weekend treated you well, though judging from Twitter over the course of the morning it seems that last night might have gone a little too well for some of us 😉 Anyway, we generally tend to kickstart the blog on a Monday afternoon with a post just to go into some detail on exactly what you guys can get out of our special offers during the week.

This week, we’ve got offers on a Logitech all-in-one remote, some Sennheiser headphones and an iPod dock. Without any more delay, we’ll just get stuck into it.

Logitech Harmony 525:

Logitech’s Harmony series has long been seen as a kind of holy grail for those of us who can’t resist the urge to adding “just one more” device to a media centre, and the resulting mountain of clutter that the remotes for the various hardware we acquire constitutes.

Click through to see our page for the Logitech Harmony 525 🙂

Logitech’s Harmony 525 has been around for a fair while now, but it still boasts the combination of a wide range of buttons, a decently sized LCD and relative ease-of-use that made it such a temptation when it first launched. Of course, it tops out at 15 devices, so for those of you who’ve really gone overboard on the media centre, you might not quite fit everything in there. Otherwise, you should be just fine.

Moreover, the fact that it boasts support for single options to control multiple devices means that you can, with a little tinkering, set it up so that you can come home from work, press one button and have everything come on at the same time, already on a channel you’re happy with and at a volume you can appreciate… sometimes it’s the little things.

Of course, there are newer versions of the Harmony available, but they’ll set you back by some seriously hefty sums by comparison. The only issue we can see with it for now is that it won’t control a PS3, if you’re using it as a Blu-Ray player, since it doesn’t boast Bluetooth connectivity, though we imagine that isn’t likely to be a deal-breaker at this stage.

For this week, Logitech’s Harmony 525 is down by 20% to the €39 mark, which is hard to argue with really.

Sennheiser HD555:

We don’t often have offers on higher-end headphones, if only because there tends to be more demand for other products, but occasionally we get requests from a few different sources to do an offer on a similar product, and you kind of have to go with that. This week, Sennheiser’s HD555 headphones are down by 10%.

Click through to see our page for the Sennheiser HD555s 🙂

Sennheiser’s HD555 are a set of open, dynamic stereo cups, offering solid sound for both the music fans and anyone who just wants to round out a gaming rig delivering solid graphics with some sound that can keep up without being loud enough to wake the dead.

For those concerned with such things, they boast ten feet of cable, so you shouldn’t be too concerned about making sure you’ve got space to move around, unless you’re sitting ten feet from your machine, in which case you may already have run into issues with your mouse and keyboard 😉

The bass is solid, and anyone who’s used Sennheiser’s portable in-ear options will be pleased to hear that a strong bass response here doesn’t entirely eclipse everything else that’s going on in a track… which is an issue some of the smaller Sennheiser arrangements can run afoul of.

Until next Sunday, the Sennheiser HD555s will set you back the fairly reasonable sum of €89.50.

Amethyst iPig iPod Dock:

It’s the run up to Christmas, so we’re well aware that many will be gift shopping, especially for gifts to either embarrass adults a touch or to cheer up our young.

Click through to check out the iPig iPod Dock 🙂

It’s hard to turn down anything called an iPig any day of the week, but given the fact that it’s such a simple arrangement, it’s fairy cute. At its simplest, the iPig is a five speaker iPod dock, boasting decent sound and a nice cute pig-shaped body.

It’s a nice-and-simple, does-what-it-says-on-the-tin kind of product, which is always nice. It’s also nice and sturdy, solidly built, so it should stand up to a bit of punishment, which is always nice.

Oh, and the ears are touch-sensitive volume controls and his mouth lights up to let you know it’s on, which is just the right amount of piggy-charming for us.

This week, the Amathyst iPig has been dropped by 14% to a more-manageable €59.


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