Amazon Denies Physical Shop Reports


Amazon has responded to recent reports indicating that it might be looking to open a physical bookshop by denying that the company is considering any such thing, essentially saying that Amazon’s current model is just fine the way it is.

Amazon has long been rumoured to be moving into the world of physical, brick and mortar shops, to supplement its income from its massively successful online shop. Moreover, with Microsoft having recently opened its own first shop, seeing massive success from the Microsoft Store, it seems that now could well be the time for typically digital companies to start boasting a physical presence… now though, Amazon has said that this is not the case.

Interestingly enough, the original report in the Sunday Times pointed to the rise in popularity of “click and collect” services, so the indication is that Amazon wouldn’t necessarily boast a service that was simply a bookshop, but one to which users could have a book delivered for collection, not entirely unlike our own Pick Up Point in Dublin (a service with which people seem generally to be quite pleased).

Regardless of Amazon’s response, it’s curious to see that the original report points to the relatively recent demise of Borders as one of the reasons Amazon might well be testing the water to see if the UK is ready for a bit of a push. Certainly, if Amazon isn’t considering a physical presence, then it has a very good reason for it, but for now we’d be very curious to hear just why.

For now, it seems, we’re destined to live in a world where Amazon is only accessible through displays.


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One Response to “Amazon Denies Physical Shop Reports”

  1. Wizartar Says:

    Click and collect only works when it’s free! And the place is easy to get to… I’m not mentioning any name! 😉

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