CrunchPad Becomes JooJoo


Fusion Garage showed off the device formerly known as CrunchPad, now known as the JooJoo Internet Tablet, to the press for the first time last night, giving us a look at just what Michael Arrington’s brainchild has become during the journey from concept to reality.

TGDaily is carrying the story straight from Chandra Rathakrishnan’s demonstration of the product itself, and the device that could once have been the CrunchPad certainly seems dressed to impress. Some of the promises originally made of the CrunchPad have certainly been kept, including the fact that the device boots in a very impressive nine seconds, boasts no physical buttons except for the power switch and supports gesture-based controls.

Perhaps a touch less impressive than all that is that the display seems not to be the glorious full-colour affair that many of the CrunchPad’s fans once salivated over. Instead, the display itself seems tinted fairly heavily towards the green end of the spectrum, a feature that will certainly make it significantly less attractive than the concept shots of it made it out to be.

Interstingly enough, there seem to be few people talking about the fact that it's green...

Naturally, the subject of the relationship between Michael Arrington, who seems very much to be the father of the whole project, and Fusion Garage came up. For those who haven’t been keeping up, it seems that Fusion Garage essentially told Arrington than they’d rather proceed without him, despite the fact that, to all appearances at least, Arrington was essentially the driving force behind the whole project.

The word from Chandra Rathakrishnan on the topic was a little different, with the Fusion Garage CEO quoted instead as having said, “Despite what has been written, no suit or legal case has been filed. We are very confident that we own the IP for the JooJoo and will defend it. No contracts have been signed.”

We’ll be curious to see just how Michael Arrington responds to the generally positive press the JooJoo has been getting, but we imagine it won’t be entirely pleasant.


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