Google Gets Facebook Realtime


Google’s realtime search may well already boast Twitter results, but now it has announced that it’s managed to get its web-crawling hands into Facebook’s live-updates as well, to say nothing of MySpace.

TechCrunch is reporting that, towards the end of its event on realtime search, Google’s Marissa Mayer officially announced that the company would be showing results from both current social networking high-flyer Facebook and one-time industry leader MySpace. Of course, for now there’s all kinds of questions about just what Google had to do to get its hands on the data, but it seems as though just about everyone is willing to speculate on it being some vast amount of currency changing hands.

For now, we’re curious to see how it works out; the fact is that Facebook’s whole drive is behind connecting people who are friends, or at the very least know one another, in real life. That’s kind of the point. With the ability to search through Facebook streams, there comes one massive question… why? It seems that, because it’s inherently a little less public than services like Twitter, Facebook feeds are less likely to contain the same kinds of trending topics.

If nothing else that makes Facebook seem like it might well be a little less well suited to realtime searches than other services, but given the genuinely staggering audience that Facebook has managed to accrue, it’s not too surprising to see that being able to search through streams (even if it is only public streams) is something that’s started to become a bit of a big deal for Google; Facebook represents a massive proportion of the realtime web, and sooner or later people will want it to be searchable.

Regardless of whether or not anyone uses it, Facebook searching will be a bit of a realtime feather in Google’s hat. If you’d like to read more about the conditions under which Google’s realtime search in Facebook works, you should check out the TechCrunch article on it.


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