Google Goggles Lets You Search What You See


Google has introduced a new product to its Android Market in the form of an app called Google Goggles, which lets users use the camera on their phone to grab an image of something and then use that image to run a search.

Google Goggles is certainly an interesting piece of kit, with the folks at Google immediately warning that it has its limitations, but some of the things it can accomplish within those limitations are very impressive indeed. Of course, the example being cited most commonly seems to be taking a picture of a landmark and having Google take that image and return you a bundle of information about it (the example used by Google is the Golden Gate Bridge), but there are far more interesting things afoot than that.

Perhaps the single most interesting thing is that the new app has been shown off doing so far is finding restaurant recommendations. The user simply points their Android-based device at the front of the establishment, and the combination of GPS and compass should sort you out with some wisdom on whether or not you should eat at the place you’re pointing at.

Equally impressive is the ability to import contact details directly from a business card, though it seems like a very different use of the app in a general sense, it’s no less impressive for it.

Predictably enough, the Goggles should also be able to tell you what book you’re reading, though somehow that one seems a little redundant. It can also tell you a bit about a brand name if you’re happy to point your phone at it for a few seconds and let it go off and look up some details for you.

It’s strange to see, and certainly fun, but the question for now is, “What’s the point?” Clearly this is something Google has worked on for a bit, but it’s hard to guess just what it’s for. If anyone has any ideas, drop us a line in the comments. I’m more than a little curious.

Unforunately, Google Goggles isn’t available in the Irish version of the Android Market yet, so we’re a little stuck in that respect. With any luck, it’ll arrive here soon.


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5 Responses to “Google Goggles Lets You Search What You See”

  1. Conor Pendergrast Says:

    This sounds quite a bit like SixthSense technology to me. Have you seen the TED talk about it? It’s here –

    I imagine it could have similar potential. Brilliant idea anyway!

    • komplettie Says:

      I have! Pradav Mistry is an undiluted genius. I’m just interested by the idea of not needing a new device for it 😉

      That said, the projection is what makes Mistry’s work so much more interesting 🙂

  2. Google goggles – How far will it go? « Majin pisoar Says:

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  3. Joe Murphy Says:

    Show me the website of that billboard, logo, flyer or magazine I’m looking at.

    Can I buy this item cheaper online or in the shop I’m in right now?

    Show me the Facebook of the person I saw on the bus.

  4. komplettie Says:

    The one for the website of companies through advertising is excellent, and one I hadn’t thought of before. Interestingly enough, Android already has applications to tell you if there are products available somewhere else for less, though this would certainly make it more interesting.

    The idea of Facebook/Twitter integration is amazing, I can’t even imagine the level of technical integration it’d take for it to work (given facial recognition on that kind of scale) but it’s certainly a REALLY interesting idea.

    Thanks Joe, that’s certainly got me thinking 😉

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