Samsung Reveals Smartphone OS


Samsung has shown off its new operating system to be used in smartphones, revealing some pretty interesting features of what it’s calling “Bada” that mean Samsung’s smartphones will be something to envy.

Word comes via TechRadar of Samsung’s latest push into the smartphone market, which will at least manage to boast some interesting features across all of its handsets, including support for motion sensitivity, and, perhaps most impressively. Flash compatibility (a nut that the iPhone has yet to crack, despite Adobe’s attempts to play nice with Apple in order to get the platform moving on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

If Samsung’s current range of not-quite-smartphones is anything to go by (and since Bada is based on Samsung’s TouchWiz that doesn’t seem to be an entirely off-the-wall assumption) then we’ll likely see something of an emphasis placed on social networking when we eventually see devices running Bada OS in the wild.

For now, we’re just curious to see how well it turns out. It seems as though Samsung is taking a bit of a risk when it comes to its attempts to break the smartphone market just by developing its own OS. Certainly the company could well have done something similar to other smartphone manufacturers (like HTC) and simply used a customised build of Google’s Android mobile OS.

Still, time will tell when it comes to Samsung’s smartphone offerings, and it could well be the case that Bada turns out to be the single defining characteristic of its smartphone range. If the folks at Samsung are lucky, it could end up with users buying Samsung smartphones for Bada, which wouldn’t be a bad position to be in at all.


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