Seagate Moving into SSDs


Seagate has announced that it’s moving into the solid-state storage market, showing off a 2.5” drive that’s only seven millimetres thick, which makes it that bit thinner than the vast majority of SSDs.

Engadget is reporting that Seagate’s Momentus will likely top out at around the 320GB mark, which isn’t too bad for an SSD at all, and is likely what keeps it so thin. It’s already been pointed out, at some length, by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, that netbooks might well be the bee’s knees when it comes to portable computing for now, but that times are likely to change relatively soon. Ballmer seems to be of the opinion that netbooks will be succeeded by what he terms, “ultra-thin” notebooks.

Ultra-thins do offer the one thing that netbooks can’t, which is a significant bump in screen size, alongside some fairly serious mobility, without being too heavy. If for nothing else other than the screen size, it does seem fairly likely that they’ll become increasingly popular as the performance limitations of netbooks start to bother people.

Of course, Seagate’s Momentus (that’s what they’re calling the new drive) would sit very well as part of an ultra-thin notebook. The 2.5mm difference between it and other popular SSDs might not seem like a dramatic shift, but once you’re shaving off weight and height the way designers do when they’re building something like Dell’s newest Adamo, dropping 2mm from a component that’s usually a constant goes a long way.


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