Apple Releases Bestselling Apps


Apple has released some details about just who has been doing especially well in its various digital distribution channels, including music via iTunes, its by now well established App Store and sales of movies through iTunes.

If nothing else, it’s certainly interesting to see just what apps have proved themselves most popular over the last year. AppleInsider is carrying word that the Top Selling list for iPod Touch and iPhone apps in 2009 has been split into separate “Games” and “Apps” lists, which makes it a little easier to see just how popular things are when comparing like with like.

Interestingly enough, the top selling games list shows something that we’re sure iPod app developers working on games were already well aware of; it seems that you’re far more likely to find yourself on the App Store’s top selling list if you’ve developed an iPhone/iPod Touch version of an already popular game. The current top sellers list boasts The Sims 3, Oregon Trail, Madden NFL 10 and, charmingly enough, Flight Control (which isn’t based on a larger property, but we do really like it).

When it comes to apps themselves (separated from games relatively helpfully), it seems there’s no surefire way to become a massive app. The best apps of 2009 includes some useless and some useful apps; both auto-tune app I Am T-Pain and recipe app Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals have managed to gain a massive amount of traction.

It’s interesting to see that EA has The Sims in on the App Store’s best seller list, especially considering the fact that the company has been talking recently about scaling back major game production in favour of “mobile” and “digitally distributed” smaller titles. It’s enough to make us wonder how much that decision was influenced by its iTunes success…

If you’d like to read more about Apple’s best sellers for the year, you’d do well to check out AppleInsider for details, including some more detail on music and movies over the service.


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