Gmail Offline Graduates from Beta


It may well have taken five long years for Gmail to rid itself of its “beta” label, but since then it’s seemed like Google has a bit of a bee in its bonnet, pushing just about everything Gmail related out of beta as quickly as reasonably possible.

This picture is now outdated, no Beta there now folks 😉

This week, it’s the turn of Gmail’s offline feature to earn itself an escape from Google’s Labs and into the standard user interface. While the folks at Google are quick to assure anyone using the feature that Gmail has become more and more usable offline, and handy for those of us with flaky connections (and let’s face it, we’re all in Ireland, where it often seems like a solid, dependable connection is a difficult thing to find). Nicely enough, there are also new features to look forward to.

The two features that Google has added to offline Gmail come in response to popular requests that they make an appearance. The first is relatively simple and ideal for those of us who are depending on connections that have become a bit too patchy, allowing users to choose which mails are downloaded to be made available for offline viewing.

The other new addition is the ability to add attachments to messages being “sent” while in offline mode. It might seem relatively simple, but there’s nothing as frustrating as trying to sort out a mail to send when you manage to get a connection again and finding you can’t do so because you’ll need to attach something.

If nothing else, it’s nice to see new features added to Gmail’s offline option, though we’re still bigger fans of just receiving to a standalone mail client for making sure messages are available offline really.


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