Google Chrome for Mac Hits


Google had been teasing people with its promise of the release of a Mac version of its Chrome browser that wasn’t a developer build, the dev-builds of Chrome having been just a touch unreliable.

Google had hinted that we could expect the beta version of Chrome this week when, on Monday, it changed the splash page for the Chromium (for Mac) page, updating it to the Chrome for Mac roadmap, outlining that the remaining bugs preventing the release of a Mac version of the lightweight browser had been patched out and that the company would be proceeding to add the same features as the latest version of Chrome on Windows machines.

For now, Mac users might be a touch disappointed to hear that there isn’t support for Google’s apps because of the fact that there isn’t an official build of Google Gears that supports current versions of Mac OS X. Moreover, while there are somewhat hacked versions of Google Gears around that will allow you to install on Mac, it seems that what’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily good for the gander.

We found that installing a cracked version of Gears worked just fine for Safari, but crashed Chrome, so you’re genuinely stuck for now without support. Of course, it’s only a beta, so we’d imagine Chrome will boast support for a wider range of Google’s apps.

Mac users looking to pick up the new beta version of Google Chrome can do so by clicking through to the Google Chrome homepage, choose Mac and you’re good to go.


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