Nvidia Talks Larrabee Delay


Intel has announced that its plans for a graphics processor, codenamed Larrabee, had seen significant delays. While it seems the chip giant is still pursuing the project, Larrabee will likely never hit the market. Nvidia responded in a fashion befitting the relationship between the two.

Nvidia’s response was quite brusque, which is in keeping with the manner in which the company has publically treated Intel over the last few months. Nvidia’s response to Intel was fairly short, but essentially just says, “The fact that a company with Intel’s technical prowess and financial resources has struggled so hard to succeed with parallel computing shows just how exceptionally difficult a challenge this is.”

Of course, it’s in Nvidia’s best interest to rubbish the threat from Larrabee, and other similar designs. Nvidia has its bread buttered by the GPU market, and with Intel already managing to snap up a fairly significant amount of that market (the popularity of netbooks has only meant more machines with Intel graphics solutions being sold) it’s fairly understandable that Nvidia would want to get the boot in now.

That said, it’s not like the company needs anything particularly relevant to its own business to have a dig at Intel; last month, when Intel was being studied by the New York attorney general for alleged bribery, coercion and all kinds of other unpleasantness in its attempts to grab the top spot in the CPU market, Nvidia posted a series of satirical cartoons about the situation at Intel.

So, the poor relationship between the two continues, but we’ll be curious to see if anything ever comes of Larrabee, now that it’s effectively dead in the water. Surely Intel has learned some fairly interesting bits and pieces from it.

If you’d like to read more then you should check out TomsHardware’s article on Nvidia and Intel after Larrabee, they’ve also managed to get in touch with someone from AMD, which only makes it more interesting.


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