Yahoo Offers to Block Ads


Yahoo has decided to start giving its users the option to choose whether or not they’d like to see targeted advertising on the company’s pages.

Yahoo has been moving with some interesting developments ever since its search deal with Microsoft, whereby it’s to provide advertising to Microsoft’s rebranded version of MSN Live Search, Bing. In exchange, Bing is to handle searching for Yahoo, which leaves Yahoo to tell the world that it was never a search engine, instead it’s all about setting up a portal page that people can use to access their various different services (from news to Facebook).

As it stands, Yahoo pulls information from the various services that its users make use of from the portal page to ensure that its advertising is well targeted, but now it seems that users will be able to choose not to have that kind of depth of tailor-made advertising. Now though, BrandRepublic is posting that users are to be able to opet out of targeted ads altogether.

Yahoo’s new options include an Ad Manager, which basically allows users to add categories that they feel Yahoo is missing, helping to make sure that the whole service is a bit more effective when it comes to advertising. The opposite side of the Ad Manager, which likely won’t be helping make Yahoo to much money, is that it also allows you to uncheck all of its boxes, in which case you see no targeted advertising at all.

Of course, we imagine that fairly few people will be bothering to make sure they don’t see any targeted ads at all, but it’s always nice to have the option. We assume Yahoo still manages to grab a massive amount of data from the various different services that its users access through Yahoo’s portal page.

If you’d like to read more, you can check out the BrandRepublic post on the new advertising setup at Yahoo.


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