Apple Tablet Rumours Resurface


Rumours of Apple’s supposedly upcoming tablet have all but died down, but a new analyst report has put the focus right back on the potential device, with some details on why it’s a game changer.

The word from the folks over at Engadget is that we can expect Apple’s tablet to set us customers back something around the $1,000 mark, which usually translates into €1,000 somehow, but that’s something we’re starting to get fairly used to by now. The other really interesting part is the reason Amazon should probably start being scared of Apple…

It seems as though Apple has been talking to publishers about the potential for sales via iTunes of the usual music and apps, as well you might expect, but also about books… and that’s something that tread’s on Amazon’s Kindle’s toes more than just a little.

Perhaps most interesting though, is the word that Apple has already been talking to publishers about just how they’d divide the profit from books sold on the venture, with the analysts suggesting that the split will be a 70/30, with the 70% side going to publishers.

We’ll be curious to see how much of this is true when we get to March. If there’s still no official word of an Apple tablet by then, it’d seem most sensible to just give up on the whole thing, but the idea that Apple would try to fly directly in the face of Amazon’s Kindle is certainly an interesting one, especially given the vast difference in prices between the two divices.


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