Competition – Build Your Own


Good afternoon all, hope everyone is in the mood to take on a bit of a challenge. We’re running a competition to see who can suggest the most impressive build without going over the €500 mark.

We did make Ryan put together a PC for €500 during the week, and his went very well indeed. So we’ve decided that we’ll see what the rest of you guys can come up with for under the €500 mark and once it’s all done myself, Shelton and Ryan will sit down and look through all of the builds we get and give the one that impresses us the most a bit of a reward in the form of a Gainward GeForce 9600 GT Green Edition.

Anyway, you can check out our post in our forum to see the rules and talk to us about how you’d like to put together your build. We’ll be curious to see the builds that people come up with, so don’t be afraid to be a little outlandish when you’re going for it.

Good luck to everyone who tries, we’re curious to see just how everyone gets on 🙂 Just post your build on the board and we’ll be pleased to chat about it and watch people trash talk one another about their builds 😉

Click through to our forum and enter our competition.

If you already have computer components that you would like to add to your PC, why not register for and bring them along with you to one of our Build your own PC classes and we’d be happy to show you how to do it! Visit for location and dates.


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    […] anyone with a netbook who’s been looking to install Windows 7, not to mention the lunatics in our Build Your Own PC competition, many of whom have decided that optical drives are a thing of the past, and you’d be better off […]

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