Nintendo DS Breaks Console Record


Nintendo’s dual screened handheld, the by now nearly ubiquitous DS, which has morphed into the DS Lite and DSi, has just broken sales records and become the best-selling console in the UK, ever.

Nintendo’s DS has just passed out Sony’s PlayStation 2 as the best selling console and it’s still going strong. Sony’s last-gen console had seemed to be particularly hesitant to die while its successor, the PlayStation 3, had some trouble establishing itself. The fact that the PS2 held on for so very long was a fairly major contributor to the fact that Sony managed to sell 10.02 million units.

By contrast, Nintendo’s DS, in its various different iterations, has managed to pass it out just before Christmas, hitting the nice, round figure of 10.05 million. If nothing else, it’s interesting to see how Nintendo is talking about the handheld and its continuing competition with Sony.

Speaking to TechRadar, Nintendo Official Magazine’s Tom East talked about the situation when Nintendo launched the DS in the face of Sony’s seemingly undefeatable PlayStation brand going portable,

“When DS launched in the UK back in 2005 most critics thought that the PSP [PlayStation Portable] would trounce Nintendo’s latest handheld so it’s amazing to think that it’s gone on to become the best-selling console of all time in the UK.”

Certainly it’s interesting to live in a world where Nintendo’s handheld has become the best-selling console, especially considering the fact that the DS still doesn’t quite carry the same weight for many as the “Gameboy” brand. Still, we can imagine Nintendo is most pleased with its success in the portable arena.

Indeed, the lack of traction with the PSP is often blamed for the slow uptake of Sony’s PS3, because it somehow proved that not everything Sony touched when it came to consoles turned to gold immediately.


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