Norway’s Skies See Massive Light-Spiral


Norwegians last night were treated to a stunning view of a massive spiral of light in the sky above them. The spiral bears little resemblance to the northern lights that the area typically enjoys, prompting all kinds of speculation.

All of the pictures from the event look photoshopped too... Image Credit: REX

According to reports in the Telegraph the light appeared for 2-3 minutes, with one witness, Morten Kristiansen saying that, “A large ring appeared, and then spread out, sending a green beam down to earth.” While many have been fairly quick to jump to the UFO/saucermen side of the argument, there have been a number of attempts to explain the phenomenon a little more rationally.

It’s been suggested that the unusual effect may have been created by a Russian missile test, with the missile theorised to have gone somehow awry, spiralling to its eventual destruction. In that case, the “halo” and pronounced spiral have been said to be caused by fuel from the rocket catching the light as it leaked from the device itself.

Of course, there’s been an awful lot of chatter about how the pattern is “far too symmetrical” or simply “too strange” to have been anything to do with a rocket test. Moreover, Russia has denied that it is testing anything at all near Norway at the moment, which raises all kinds of questions about Russia’s honesty that nobody really wants to ask.

We’re hoping our head office over in Norway isn’t being pillaged by aliens at the moment, and a quick call seems to indicate that they’re alright, but we couldn’t help but notice that they didn’t use the codeword I mailed them for use in a “pod person” scenario.

The plot thickens…


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4 Responses to “Norway’s Skies See Massive Light-Spiral”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I can tell thats shopped. As i’ve seen a few shoops in my time !

  2. Wizartar Says:

    LoL, didn’t the US just have a “metor” hit a little while ago and now this… me thinks the US have some new uber top secret space plane that creates light shows.

    But just encase, I for one welcome our new Alien overlords!

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