Twitter Users Seeing Wrong Tweets


Many Twitter users are reporting seeing some misplaced Tweets in their usual feeds, with some seeing updates from users whose settings mark them as protected, and so shouldn’t be visible to anyone but followers.

Word comes via Cnet that Twitter has added the “misdirected” tweets to its list of Known Issues, and it’s usually a short enough step from there to an issue being solved, but for now users seeing tweets from a source they’re not following looks set to continue.

Of course, this issue has only been worsened by a kind of general misunderstanding of the new “retweet” functionality added to Twitter, which allows users to share content updated from another account with their followers. Unfortunately, the fact that many seem to have been unprepared for the new retweet model means that there were an awful lot of people complaining about misdirected tweets before the bug was really recognised as a bug, rather than users simply misunderstanding.

Curiously enough, the fact that it’s now labelled as a known issue seems to have brought out plenty of people who have seen the bug, with the Known Issues page for it now boasting a number of comments from users who have been seeing tweets from users they’re not interested in following.

Entertainingly enough, if you head over to Twitter’s known issues page, you’ll see that it felt the need to post an image explaining how the new retweet option works, just to weed out those users who have simply not understood the new functionality.

Regardless, if you’d like to give the guys at Twitter a piece of your mind because you’re seeing tweets from people you don’t want to, then you can click through to its Known Issues page.


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