Win7 Download Tool Released


Microsoft has finally released its Windows 7 download tool for those who’ve decided that they’d like to get their copies of Microsoft’s latest operating system via digital distribution, rather than physically.

According to TechNet Microsoft has finally solved the issue that caused the application to be pulled in the first place. The complaint that had been raised was that the original Windows 7 download tool was seen as a bit bloated and cumbersome; on closer inspection, it turned out that there was a significant amount of code appropriated from an open source project…

Of course, that presents some licensing issues, since the original project was licensed under the GPL and couldn’t be used for profit, Microsoft was obliged to remove the tool and make other arrangements for those who would opt to download Windows 7 rather than install from a disk.

The news that the download tool has been made available will be welcomed by anyone with a netbook who’s been looking to install Windows 7, not to mention the lunatics in our Build Your Own PC competition, many of whom have decided that optical drives are a thing of the past, and you’d be better off using the leftover budget to buy more fans and neon lights.

Microsoft has attributed the delay in getting the download tool back up to extra time spent in localisation for other languages, though that’s likely not too much help to people who have already bought the OS and need to install it but don’t have a DVD drive…

Update: Totally my fault, for anyone who has a copy of Windows 7 and no optical drive, I have to give Nutterguy a massive thanks for posting the link in our comments section.

If you haven’t been able to get an install going, then now is the time… go on, even if you’re in work. Tell the boss it’s something close to your heart 😉 From our own experience, the networked install of Windows 7 works out very smoothly. No complaints at all now that the tool is available again.


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6 Responses to “Win7 Download Tool Released”

  1. nutterguy Says:

    It’s actually the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool (WUDT). With it you can transfer an ISO to a DVD or USB stick to backup or easily install Win 7 on a netbook respectivily.

    You shoulld probably link here ( as this is the guy who found the problems with the original program.

    Also maybe a link to the tool would be helpful.

    Also Toms Hardware is not Technet… Oh no… Change that. 🙂

  2. komplettie Says:

    Thanks man, I had to curtail that post because of some fairly nasty issues that cropped up at work 😉

    I added an update to correct the issues. Thanks for getting the link up for me 🙂

    • nutterguy Says:

      Not a problem.
      Your the only Irish tech blog I can correct… 😉
      (as in the others don’t have comments…)

      • komplettie Says:

        I’ll never know why, the feedback we get in the comments section has generally been either helpful or informative. It’s a nice space to have really 🙂

  3. nutterguy Says:

    “helpful or informative” and never the two shall meet! 😉

  4. Jose Maria Says:

    Thanks for download link! happy new year for blog administrator

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