YouTube to Get “Sports Hub”


YouTube has announced that it plans to expand its video offering by introducing what it’s calling a “Sport Hub” in a new partnership with SportAccord, a group representing 104 different sports bodies.

We’re used to YouTube announcing these kinds of moves directly on its blog, but this time word comes from the Telegraph of the move to introduce more sports content to YouTube. Perhaps most interesting is the fact that it seems YouTube intends to create a dedicated sport section, which is something it seems to have resisted so far.

There’s already a fairly impressive amount of sports content on YouTube, if only because fans seem pleased to upload their preferred moments to the service, but the new move would see the service in a position to offer whole games, perhaps even live coverage of events, something that we imagine would provide YouTube with a fairly pronounced bit of extra traffic.

For now we imagine it’ll take a while for YouTube to properly integrate the whole service, but we imagine that once it’s done there’ll be a whole lot more desirable content on YouTube updated fairly regularly. It’ll be interesting to see just how much traffic YouTube sees out of the new deal, but it’ll certainly be reaching out and grabbing an audience it might not otherwise have been able to get anywhere near.

For now, you can read more details of the deal over at the Telegraph, where they’ve got a lot more from the official announcement of the upcoming sports content.


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