AMD Receives Intel Money


AMD has announced that it has received the $1.25 billion sum that the New York Attorney General ruled it was to be paid by Intel after allegations surfaced that Intel had used bribery and coercion to earn it a top position in the processor market.

Word comes via Trading Markets that AMD has received the monetary remuneration it was due from Intel, and that we can likely expect the rest of the rest of the bits and pieces that Intel has promised to go quite smoothly. For those who haven’t been keeping up with the story, Intel wasn’t just forced to pay out the $1.25 billion to AMD, but also:

1. AMD and Intel are to exchange patent rights as part of a new, five-year cross license agreement
2. Both Intel and AMD are to give up any claims of breaches of their previous license agreement
3. Intel is to agree to work to a set of business practice provisions (which likely don’t include bribery and coercion)

Thanks to the above three agreements, and the massive amount of money that’s changing hands, AMD has agreed to drop any and all of its pending suits against Intel.

If nothing else, the news brings some closure to what’s been a fairly egregious chapter in Intel’s history, and while Intel and AMD seem to be on fairly friendly terms (at least publically), AMD isn’t the only company that felt as though it had been wronged by Intel.

Indeed, it seems that Nvidia is still chomping at the bit, releasing more cartoons this week, firmly putting the boot in while Intel is down.


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