Apple Apologises for iMac Shortage


Apple has apologised to those who have ordered its new 27” iMac all-in-one PC as the company seems to be having some difficulty supplying the machines to those who’ve ordered in the run up to Christmas.

Cnet is reporting that Apple has apologised officially for the current situation with those who’ve ordered the new, larger iMac, but, as well you might have imagined, the company has been characteristically tight-lipped about just why it’s having trouble filling orders. That doesn’t mean there’s no indication as to what’s wrong though. Indeed, iMacSqueaked seems to have an awful lot of data on that.

Obviously, there’s no guarantee that the data from iMacSqueaked is 100% correct, or even especially accurate, but it does reflect the anecdotal evidence that iMac users have been presenting. It seem that the biggest issue with the current line of 27” iMacs has been flickering display, with users calling Apple’s AppleCare line instructed to return the machine for a new one.

Of course, with Apple not in any hurry to explain what’s going on, all of this leads to endless speculation as to just what’s causing these issues. If the problem is immediately fixable then it makes sense for the current iMac dearth to be a simple result of Apple having to replace machines before an order can be filled for new customers. If not though, it could be the case that new customers are left waiting until the root of the problem is foundbefore anything can be done about it.

The real issue here is that Apple’s practical cult of secrecy means that there’s less data available to those who might be put off when it comes to placing an order… Certainly it helps when it comes to product launches, but sometimes you have to wonder if it’s worth the bother with issues like this cropping up.


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