Apple Patents Sponge Dock


Apple has patented a new dock that should be welcome news to anyone who’s living in a household boasting multiple different types of iPods; one that changes shape to fit individual devices.

Pocket Lint] is reporting that Apple’s recently patented dock would allow for the company to manufacture a universal dock, suitable for just about any present and, we would imagine, future iPod devices. The whole point of the new, malleable dock is that it would change shape to match the contours of the device being charged.

Once your device is done, the user can simply tap a reset button to allow the material from which the dock has been constructed to immediately return to a neutral position, into which one could then plug another, differently shaped and sized device.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, but it’s still not quite managing to eclipse the media attention around another recent Apple patent, which Pocket Lint also mentions, whereby the company would be able to tell if a user had opened a device at any stage and so be more accurately able to tell if a user had voided their warranty.

It seems a strange thing to patent something as simple as a label over the join between two different pieces of a device’s case, especially since (unless I’m very much mistaken) Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already boasts a similar arrangement, but it’s a patent that really has stirred up a lot of negative feeling among some Apple users. We’ll be curious to see how it all turns out, but for now, we’re a bit more interested in that shape-shifting dock.


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One Response to “Apple Patents Sponge Dock”

  1. Calum Says:

    There has to be a Squarepants joke in there somewhere.

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