Firefox Mobile Hits This Month


Mozilla’s entry to the mobile space, predictably enough named Firefox Mobile, is set to roll out sometime this month, which should give us some idea of what Mozilla is capable of when it comes to limited hardware.

The logo is just called Pocketfox, which is very cute 😉

Word that we could expect the release to hit so soon came when Mozilla’s vice president of mobile, Jay Sullivan, told Cnet that it was the company’s goal to have a release candidate ready at some stage this week. Sullivan seemed positive about the project, going on to say that,

“If things go smoothly, we’ll have a version out in the next few weeks.”

Many will be curious to see just what Mozilla’s portable browser is capable of, considering the fact that the mobile space has been dominated by Opera for quite a while now. Of course, one of the biggest reasons to be curious about the upcoming mobile browser is that it’s built on WebKit, so we can expect it to have a bit of power behind it.

For now, we’re told that Mozilla’s mobile browser is to hit on Nokia’s Maemo-based phones first, before having versions rolled out for other platforms, with a Windows Mobile version due at some point in the next year. We’ll be curious to see just how well Firefox manages on platforms that already have their own browsers built-in; if the company can precipitate a shift away from default browsers we’ll be fairly impressed.

Of course, the fact that Firefox Mobile will be smartphone only means that it’s not going to be stinging Opera Mobile in the near future, but in a world with smartphone adoption on the rise, it’s not a bad market to aim for.


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